Reference Links

Dictionaries -- Links to Japanese/English, English/Japanese dictionaries and ones for nearly every language in the world.
Vocabulary -- All about words: usage, etymology, etc.
Concordances -- Access Web and literature concordancers
Columbia Online Encyclopedia -- This is a reference library in a web site. Every reference work imaginable online in a searchable form. Need a quote? What does that acronym mean? The phases of the moon?
Wikipedia --A unique, free encyclopedia that's actually written by its users.
CIA Factbook -- In this online publication you can find concise information about every country in the world. -- Find statistics quickly for most countries of the world in the categories of crime, education, health, language, religion, and more. It's easy to use and sources are noted. -- The Universal Currency Converter
Percentage Calculator
Biographies -- Search for famous people by type or ethnicity
Ask Experts Questions
Movie information on 40,000+ films on the "Movie Review Query Engine"
Subzin -- Find phrases in movies and series
World Atlas -- Looking for Luxembourg or the Solomon Islands? Find them here !! [As countries are listed alphabetically, you can learn the spelling of a country or city before doing a Web search; search engines don't always accept 'fuzzy' spelling.]
AGU Library Search -- Search the holdings of the AGU libraries
Teaching Resources for Teachers
Word Clouds -- Websites that can generate word, text, or?tag clouds.

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