Discussion Groups

Read and post messages in Usenet discussion forums. Long before the World-Wide Web (WWW) was invented, text-only online discussion forums, or Usenet, were widely used. Usenet carries thousands of discussion forums, on all imaginable (and some unimaginable) topics. Google provides a convenient interface for participation in these groups.
Google (Usenet) Groups
Discuss any topic under the sun. These discussion forums include mailing lists, group calendars, poll-making functions, file sharing, and more. Yahoo groups range from the serious to the extremely frivolous. It's important to choose a group with care. Decide on a group that deals with a topic of interest to you and has had some activity in the previous few months. Read a few messages on the group's message board to judge its level of seriousness. Be cautious about revealing too much about yourself.
Yahoo Groups
Make yourself useful and volunteer for worthwhile activities in your spare time. Learn something about your society, the world, and yourself in the process.
Join email discussion lists for learners and teachers of English & other languages. Also learn about email etiquette.
NGO & Volunteer Groups in Japan

Last updated on May 22, 2016