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Program in Asian History

A Multifaceted Region

The Program in Asian History is set up along similar lines to the Program in Japanese History in that allows students to choose any one of a number of curricula. The traditional tripartite division of history into Japanese History, Asian History, and European and American History is becoming inappropriate for an era with an incredibly complex and interwoven international situation and with the discovery of many new materials and the possibility of onsite investigations. Asia -divided in East Asia, Southeast Asia, West Asia and Central Asia- has been a locus of interaction between various civilizations, cultures, and ethnic groups.

In the Program in Asian History, students learn the basic methods for studying the history and cultures of this diverse region in a second-year course called "Basic Practical Studies." This is followed by further practical studies in seminar form, where students actually deal with historical documents and materials and acquire the ability to think about historical issues on their own.

The ability to think for yourself will prove useful to you in a broad range of areas in your life as a member of Japanese society, and similarly, reassessing Japanese society in comparison with and in relation to other Asian societies will be a valuable skill for living in the 21st century.

Global History, China, and India

Both China and India have long histories, and their civilizations have exerted a major influence on their surrounding regions. At the same time, they are attracting widespread attention as bases for world economic growth. So is it true that "the 21st century will be the Chinese and Indian century"? We ought to make a habit of seeking the answers to these kinds of questions in history.

In recent years, the concept of "global history" has become a topic of discussion throughout a wide swath of the region. It's a concept that involves reconsidering history from a broadly based viewpoint revolving around humanityfs environmental problems and the historical changes associated with them. Its research methodology supersedes the traditional frameworks of Japanese history, Asian history, and European and American history. The Program in Asian History emphasizes strong awareness of researching history from this aspect.